I'm not sure this will help the home's chances - in fact, I think it neatly summarize its problems

Pagoda meets bunker on the mud flats of Old GREENWICH

Pagoda meets bunker on the mud flats of Old GREENWICH

Back last week I wrote, neutrally, I hope, abut a new $8 million house listing at 6 Little Cove Place Because it was a new listing I thought it fairer to just put it out there and let the market (and readers) have the final word. But a Greenwich Time reporter has now laid her finger on exactly what's unappealing about this house: 

If you can't decide what shape you want your house to be, don't worry? There's a home on the market in Greenwich that's all of them.
The house at 6 Little Cove Ln, Old Greenwich has round rooms, square rooms and triangular rooms with piqued ceilings. It won the 2015 Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut award for best custom home and is on the market for $7,795,000.
"Designed by Pagliaro Bartels Sadja Architects the unique design incorporates elements of classic shingle style, while also displaying an open modern design with Baroque and Asian influences," the listing writes.

A two-bedroom house (with a closet offering emergency accommodations for a third) is always going to be a tough sell at $8 million, but when even a Greenwich Time real estate reporter and the listing agent herself admit that the place is basically a dog's breakfast of shapes and architecture styles, you have trouble.

The writer tries to assure buyers that, at Little Cove, they won't have to decide on a particular shape, "because [this] has all of them". I have no idea what that means, and neither, I suspect, does the Greenwich Time scribe. My personal opinion is that, if the architect couldn't decide on what he was aiming for, buyers will pass on the place and look for a house whose designer knew what he wanted to do. 

In the comments section of the original post, EOS said,

This design has ZERO appeal to me because the house isn't at all practical. I see ONE room where someone can sit down - the one with the fireplace and two sofas. No wall for a TV to watch football. What do you do in the round library? Sit on a tuffett and play backgammon while sipping port?

Yup. You nailed it, pal.

Speaking of bunkers reminded me of this Hitler bunker tape - probably one of the first in the now 8-year-old series. Still a classic.