Yes, it's the New York Post, and yes, it's a sports column, but come on

Writing about the losing coach of Alabama's football team last night (it lost to Clemson, which - I looked it up - is in South Carolina) a Post writer named Mike Vaccaro had this to say::

Saban, so empirical in victory, was resplendent in defeat, too. At the final gun, Swinney was stormed by fans, by players, by state troopers, by everyone; it does seem everyone likes Dabo Swinney. But Saban, stinging from the loss, waited for Swinney to make it to midfield. 

The day of literate sports writers passed when Red Smith did, but digging up impressive words like "empirical" and "resplendent" and using them with absolutely no clue what they mean is a new low. Was he searching for "imperious" and "reposed"? I have no idea, and I doubt Vacaro does either. Back when papers employed editors, someone might have straightened out Vaccaro's lexicon. As it is, he and his peers just keep digging.

Update: Vaccaro might want to worry about competition, because at least one former politician has entered the arena of incomprehensible musings.