Why does everything bad always happen to HIM?

"It's just...just so  unfair! "

"It's just...just so unfair!"

Trump's victory forces Obama to change his post-election plans.

WASHINGTON — Whatever President Obama had planned for life after the presidency, the election of Donald Trump will likely change those plans.

Instead of building on his legacy, he'll be defending it. Instead of helping to nurture his Democratic Party as an elder statesman, he'll be helping to rebuild it — finding new generational leaders who can carry the banner in future elections.

"Obama's post-presidency just got exponentially more interesting," said Cody Foster, a University of Kentucky historian who has studied the post-presidential lives of former presidents.

"Whereas he might have focused on building upon policies created during his administration, he must now defend his administration's legacy," Foster said. "Every policy, every veto, every word must now be carefully defended against an incoming leader eager to blindly press 'undo' on everything that Obama created. 

I'm so old that I remember when academic "historians" were considered to be neutral, objective experts. "Blindly press undo" sounds just a wee bit judgmental, but maybe that's just me.