Same, tired old philosophy, and yet as a Democrat, she's guaranteed a voice on the School Board

Hey, big spender

Hey, big spender

BOE candidate debate was held last night. This quote from one of the two Democrat "contenders" (they're automatically given a seat at the table), Kathleen Stowe, illustrates exactly what's wrong with our town's spending. Speaking of the proposed New Lebanon School, Stowe recommended that we go full-steam ahead with the$37 million project, regardless of whether the state will contribute $23 million.

Stowe, an investment banker, agreed money for the New Lebanon project should be released by the town right away.
“It should be up to the standards for the rest of Greenwich,” she said. “We can build it. We’re Greenwich. "

Music halls, swimming pools, police and firemen palaces, money's no object - we're Greenwich.

Mark Twain summed up the situation a long time ago:

In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made School Boards.
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