Well, dang, I was wrong on this one


When 70 Sumner Road, up Rogues Hill Road approaching Bedford, came on the market in April priced at $4.295 million, I predicted a quick sale: 

70 Sumner Road is new today at $4.295 million. That would ordinarily seem an aggressive price for this street, as far removed from town as it is, but look here: it's got everything that today's buyers demand. I predict a quick sale; maybe a bidding war?

It had the Zebra, the Orange, even a modified version of the Chair, but none of those worked; today the house is listed with a new broker, with a new price: $3.295 million.

You just never know.

(It's also possible, I suppose, that would-be buyers were turned off by this: "EXCLUSIONS: GARDEN POTS AT FRONT DOOR AND POOL TERRACES." Unless those pots contained the created remains of beloved ancestors, I'd think that someone might be turned off by a seller seeking $4.3 million while insisting on keeping her flower pots. Let go and let live.)

the chair.jpg