Odd coincidence? Father of the Las Vegas shooter was described by the FBI as a "psychopathic" bank robber.

Like father, like son?

Like father, like son?

From PJ Media

Via the Sacramento Bee:

Paddock’s father, Patrick Benjamin Paddock, was a bank robber who landed on the FBI most-wanted list in 1969. The wanted notice described the elder Paddock as “psychopathic” with suicidal tendencies. He had used firearms to rob banks and was considered armed and dangerous.

I was puzzled to learn this morning that the shooter was 64,  because I'd have thought that someone so deranged would have cracked long before this. I too am 64, so I've been checking myself for symptoms but, so far as I can tell, I'm no late bloomer. Then again, I don't have a family history of mental disease. Readers may be assured to know that my gun collection consists entirely of single-shot and (five-shot) bolt-action rifles.

Paddock seems to have acquired illegal, fully-automatic weapons, which are already banned under current gun laws.

As is murder.