Harvey channels Hillary: "Vast, right-wing conspiracy" out to get the famed Democrat fund raiser. Er, that would be The New York Times. Really?

Weinstein discovers a starlet, but he's lured into sin by the little vixon and her co-conspirators

Weinstein discovers a starlet, but he's lured into sin by the little vixon and her co-conspirators

Give Harvey this: when the conspiracy to "get him" includes the NYT and the New Yorker, that is indeed vast. So vast, it encompasses the entire world (except Hollywood and the Democratic Party).

And that conspiracy includes liberal activist Ashley Judd:

Judd went on the record that 20 years ago, Weinstein invited her to the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for what Judd thought would be a professional breakfast meeting.
Judd said she was shocked when Weinstein sent her up to his room instead. Judd said Weinstein appeared in a bathrobe, offered her a massage, and asked her if she wanted to watch him take a shower. 
Judd said she remembered thinking: “How do I get out of the room as fast as possible without alienating Harvey Weinstein?” 
In 2015, Judd told the story to Variety without revealing the name of the person: 
"I was sexually harassed by one of our industry’s most famous, admired-slash-rivaled bosses ... He was very stealth and expert about it. He groomed me, which is a technical term – Oh, come meet at the hotel for something to eat. Fine, I show up. Oh, he’s actually in his room. I’m like, Are you kidding me? I just worked all night. I'm just going to order cereal. It went on in these stages. It was so disgusting. He physically lured me by saying, 'Oh, help me pick out what I’m going to wear.' There was a lot that happened between the point of entry and the bargaining. There was this whole process of bargaining—'Come do this, come do this, come do this.' And I would say, 'No, no, no.'"

In an exclusive interview with FWIW, Ms. Clinton defended one of her largest [sic] fund raiser and bundler: 

"Harvey has it exactly right,", said Clinton. "It's just what happened to Bill, when that bit of trailer trash was put up by Reagan and Eisenhower and Kennedy — yes, even Kennedy — to claim she'd been raped, and that Lewinski cunt came out with her blow job story. Lies, all lies. Lies, I tell you! And when I win back the presidency the ws stolen from me, I sure as hell am going to be doing something about it.
"Harvey and Bill weren't demeaning women, they were empowering them! They're both hard men, yes, but sometimes it takes a hard man to make a tender chicken realize her potential, and recognize the opportunity being offered them.
"No, she added, I'm not returning Harvey's contributions, because he's a champion pf women's rights, like I am, and I know he'd want it that way: so do I."