Since when does an insignificant citizen's letter to a Republican merit front page coverage in Greenwich Time?

Greenwich Time's sole political "reporter"

Greenwich Time's sole political "reporter"

Since GT hired Ken Borsuck, a committed Democrat who attends local Democrats' political rallies as a fellow-member while also purporting to report on them as a disinterested reporter.

First, here's the paper's caption for the citizen's picture: "Dita Bhargava, the Democratic candidate for State Representative for the 151st District, at the Greenwich Time, Greenwich, Conn., Friday, Oct. 14, 2016." That implies that the lady has some kind of active political career going, but no. You have to read all the way down to the final paragraph of Borsch's breaking news to learn the actual status of his friend and political ally:

Bhargava ran unsuccessfully for the state Legislature in 2016, challenging incumbent state Rep. Fred Camillo, R-151st. In January, Bhargava was named vice chairman of the state Democratic Party. She resigned in August to begin exploring a run for state office.

In other words, Miss Bhagavad-gita is just an ordinary citizen like the rest of us; there's nothing newsworthy in her writing a letter to the editor of the local rag, but Democrat operative Borsuck, in collusion with the editor of that paper, if there is one, has moved her letter from the editorial to the front page.

Of course, all of Borsucks" content has been similarly shifted, so no surprise here, but it's still sad to see such an utter abandonment of journalism standards.