The real surprise is that it sold at all

20 greenbriar.jpg

20 Greenbriar Lane, off Round Hill Road, has closed at $2.3 million. The sellers paid $2,688,750 for it back in 2011, which at the time I found almost as astonishing as the original price, the year before, of $3.4. This is a 1956 house, basically unchanged since Beaver and Wally were cutting up and risking the stern, but loving admonishment of Mr. Cleaver. Nothing against 1956: I have a brother who was produced that year and, so far, I have no serious complaints about his performance, but a house built then has pretty much hit its shelf-life, and should, perhaps, be priced closer to its land value.

Then again, opinions are worthless: it's the market that determines value, and the market just said that this is a $2.3 million property. So good for the sellers.