Greenwich Time continues to blow smoke up buyers' backsides

80 Cat Rock Road: what "previous era" does this "harken back" to?

80 Cat Rock Road: what "previous era" does this "harken back" to?

"New construction on Cat Rock Road". This old chestnut has been discussed here several times, beginning when its builder was trying to unload the land it sits on in 2007 or so, continuing when he finally gave up on that and began construction himself in 2015, and the put the place on the market in July, 2016 at $3.995 million, increased its price to $4.450 in May, 2017, and subsequently reduced it to $3,980,808 (how silly). Nevertheless, Greenwich Time's "reporter" is happy to gush and moon over his new discovery:

One of the most recent residences to come out of the wave of new construction may serve as a guidebook to the current trends in amenities and design features. While its architecture harkens back to a previous era [1965?] the house at 80 Cat Rock Road is packed with the living elements that families are looking for in 2018.
“It’s got everything,” noted the listing agent, Julianne Ward.
And the paint has barely dried.

Any house whose paint  requires three years to dry must have a serious moisture problem. But wait, there's more!

The bar is typically set high for designs of master bedrooms, and the Cos Cob house aims to meet expectations. An 18-foot cathedral ceiling creates a sense of splendor. 

If you can consider an airplane hangar or Costco warehouse "splendid", then I suppose this is accurate. Eighteen feet high? Sheesh.

Outside, the house presents itself as a somewhat eclectic Colonial, drawing from an old Greenwich architectural tradition while modernizing it. 

Personally, I don't know how an inanimate object can "present itself", but even if that's possible, does "somewhat eclectic" accurately describe its hideous architecture?

I think not: "eclectic" is too kind, by far.