Fake, doctored and downright lies: the media covers the scene

A liar, aided and abetted by our national media

A liar, aided and abetted by our national media

On the national level, it turns out that the Muslim Olympics star who starred in the 24-hour news cycle for being (briefly) detained by customs was not, as the mainstream media shrieked, a "victim" of Trump's immigration hold, but was in fact detained (briefly) by INS agents in December, when Barack Obama was president and The Donald was a mont away from issuing office.

Muhammad has since clarified crucial parts of her story, including the date on which she was detained. A Customs official with direct knowledge of the incident has also disputed much of how she characterized what happened.

"She comes and goes many times. She travels quite extensively. She has never been stopped before," the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Monday in an interview with the Washington Examiner, confirming that she was indeed detained. "She wasn't targeted. The checks are totally random; random checks that we all might be subject to."

Muhammad was also not held for two hours, he said, adding that the entire ordeal wrapped up in under an hour.

Closer to home, Greenwich Time's sole reporter, Democratic Party operative Ken Borsuk purports to objectively cover a story about Greenwich leftists trying to abolish the Electoral College system (while denying they're doing so).

No one expects Greenwich Time to offer balanced coverage anymore, but this one claim by Borsuk goes beyond mere omission and well into outright lying:

Though pushed primarily by Democrats the measure and others like it have received some support from both parties.
“This is bipartisan because it could be an issue on either side,” said Greenwich resident Stephanie Paulmeno. “That’s what’s so relevant about this.”

The only Greenwich residents Borsuk quotes in the entire article are his fellow Democrats, including Jonathan Perloe, leader of the anti-gun movement in the state, and Stephanie Paulmeno, the former Democrat candidate for First Selectman who was forced to withdraw from the race after her quote that "there's date-rape, and then there's rapey-rape" became public. That's fine: Borsuk is an admitted spokesman for the Democrats, and readers should know what to expect from his screeds. It would be more honorable, however, if his employer at least labelled his reporting as what it is.