"Hey, you racist, fascist assholes, give us a hundred billion before we leave"

Hey, you out there in the desert: pound sand

Hey, you out there in the desert: pound sand

Governor Jerry Brown asks federal government for $100 billion for infrastructure upgrades and maintenance.

In all, Mr. Brown said California has $187 billion in unmet infrastructure needs, including $50 billion in flood-control work. Failure to invest that money would subject the nation’s most populous state to “apocalypse and absolute disaster, which is a real possibility,” he warned at a Sacramento press conference.
When asked why California hadn’t spent more on infrastructure before, Mr. Brown said it wasn’t seen as a priority before.

This plea for help comes from a state whose "priorities" have been building a high speed train to nowhere at a cost of $100 billion (and climbing), a state that has refused to build new reservoirs or maintain existing ones because global warming has rendered dams obsolete, a state that has spent untold billions on global warming initiatives, and, on a less expensive level but still revealing of those priorities, announced two days ago that it was eliminating college tuition subsidies for its middle class citizens and doubling them for illegal immigrants, all while demanding the right to secede from the union because its citizens aren't satisfied with the results of last year's election.

If there's anyone sympathetic to California and its woes, that person won't be found outside the Golden State. 

Happy Oscar Night.