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Hillary will win  in  a landslide - trust us

Hillary will win  in  a landslide - trust us

Day before

Oscars set for record viewership because Donald Trump

"Oscars ratings have slumped over the last decade but tonight it's believed they will surge…all because of The Donald.

Members of the Academy have linked a predicted ratings rise to Trump bashing as it's expected that A-listers will make huge political protests during the ceremony."

Last year only [sic - apparently a number was meant to be included here] people watched the 88th Annual Academy Awards but according to the Daily Mail it's believed that a whopping 200m more people will tune in for tonight's awards.
A member of the Academy revealed: "The collective hatred of Trump and the idea that some of the biggest stars are going to meltdown on primetime television should be cat-nip for viewers.
"People normally tune in to look at the dresses.
"This year they want protests and drama."

Day After

 Oscar ratings hit nine-year low

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