I'd at least consider commuting from Fairfield for this one

3236 Congress Street, fairfield

3236 Congress Street, fairfield

I don't write about Fairfield real estate because I don't know anything about that market, but a GT puff-piece on 3236 Congress Street in Greenfield Hill up there caught my eye with its blurb from the listing agent, "it's the most beautiful home we have". That, and this bit:

Sadly, the house has stood virtually empty since it was built, lived in only by home stagers. Listed at $3,995,000, the six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home is a bit of a hard sell. But even without residents to turn the house into a home, the property remains an eye-popping showpiece in Fairfield’s Greenfield Hill section.

Eight years and no buyer? Really? With 6,000 sq. ft. and 10 acres? That land was purchased for $2.5 in 2006, so someone is not only losing his shirt here, he's butt-naked and begging.  I haven't seen the place, so perhaps there's something horrible out there that's not apparent from the photos (the Merritt's not too far away, for instance) but checking its price history on Zillow I see that it started off in 2008 at $8.250 million, and if there were ever a time not to try for that kind of money in Fairfield, 2008 was that year. Is it just the stigma of having been rejected by buyers for almost a decade that's at work here? 

Because at, say, a mid-three figure, this place looks like a great buy.