I received this message this morning from a friend and former commenter, and I'm upset; the community that developed around this silly blog was astonishing, and I've often written that those who weren't reading the comments were missing the real meat of the site. So I'll find a way to correct this - promise.

Since the subject came up on your blog yesterday, I realize that I am not the only former responder who no longer participates.   And while my reason may be unique, the result has been similar.   I will explain.   When I first tried to enter a comment,  disqus asked for my email address.   I made one up, not having any reason to trust them with that info.   Well, that was evidently fatal to my participation in any further discourse.   It said my offered address was invalid and I could go no further.   But worse,  each time I tried to comment,  it retrieved my phone address and then used that to prevent me from commenting.  So I have been,  in effect,  banned from your discussion for attempting to avoid disclosure of my name or email address.   Not that my comments are at the level of eos or calestis or publica or other misremembered names,  but the recent blog discussion suggests that there are those other than I who can no longer appear.  In the aggregate,  that could be significant.