Uber liberal and house idiot Rachael Maddow gives Trump a huge boost


The MSNBC news reader announce to great fanfare that she had access to trump's tax returns and would revel them on her show last night. What she "had" was his return from 2005, showing that he paid 24% - $38 million, on income of $150. 

The guest on her show who had come up with the return "pointed out that was roughly equal to what he and his wife, who are an upper middle class couple, pay.". By comparison, the Obama's paid 18.7 %, Socialist and champion of the people Bernie Sanders paid 13%

As Maddow's sister station points out: Maddow's giving Trump an opportunity to disprove Democrat claims (Hillary Clinton, for one) that he hasn't paid taxes - in October, the NYT's front page story headlined that he "could have" avoided paying taxes 'for more than two decades" - oops. Look for a correction this morning, but don't hold your breath waiting.

For Trump, in the swirl of chaos thanks to the CBO saying the GOP health-care bill would lead to 24 million uninsured and the FBI preparing to weigh in on his accusation of President Barack Obama wire tapping him, this tax story is a welcome reprieve.
The 2005 tax return could have been an anomaly. Maybe Trump doesn't pay this much in taxes normally. Or, maybe he usually pays more. Who knows! Either way, this story has created the appearance that Trump does in fact make a lot of money, and he pays millions in taxes.
For the next news cycle, we're likely to see this story dominate, giving Trump some breathing room as the media had been laser focused on the GOP health-care bill's flaws.

Stupid is as stupid does.