Layers and layers of fact checkers

Eisenhower's rocket, circa 1956, per Skyler Swisher, cub reporter

Eisenhower's rocket, circa 1956, per Skyler Swisher, cub reporter

Yesterday Greenwich Time published an article claiming that Revolutionary War soldiers were quartered in a house on Mead Avenue built in 1835, today Florida's Sun Sentinel, via one Skyler Swisher, reports that President Eisenhower used a helicopter to fly from Newport, Rhode Island to Washington D.C. in seven minutes. That's a distance of roughly 400 miles, so the 1950's bird would have been flying at about 3,850 mph. I don't think so.

How efficient is presidential travel compared with standing in the security line at the airport? Using Marine One and the presidential jet Air Force One, the president can travel 230 miles from the South Lawn of the White House to Midtown Manhattan in an hour, L'Heureux said. 
... Marine One has been a fixture of the presidency since 1957. President Dwight Eisenhower took the first flight on Marine One when he needed to quickly get from his summer home in Newport, R.I., to the White House.
What would have been a two-hour journey was reduced to seven minutes.

It's too much to expect one of today's modern reporters to have even a vague idea where Newport is located, but back when real editors were around, someone might have had an inkling, and asked Jimmy Olson to pull out a pencil and do some calculating: "uh, uh, 150 gizzanta 400 uh, don't tell me! I'll get it! (But gimme a hint)". Instead, we have ignorant children running around newsrooms unsupervised, spewing nonsense.

These same people supply the majority of the country's source of political news, which is pretty scary.