If true (big if) it would certainly seem in character

I've just begun

I've just begun

Quoting an unnamed "close family friend" The Daily Mail reports that Valerie Jarrett is moving into the Obama's D.C. mansion to assist the former president in an attempt to remove Trump from office either through resignation or impeachment".

The Daily Mail is hardly my go-to source for reliable news, especially when it's citing an anonymous source (I use the FWIW Genuine Quote Collection™ instead), but this story has the feel of real news about the most arrogant president we're ever been cursed with.

Barack Obama is turning his new home in the posh Kalorama section of the nation's capital - just two miles away from the White House - into the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against his successor, President Donald J. Trump.
Obama's goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment.
And Obama is being aided in his political crusade by his longtime consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, who has moved into the 8,200-square-foot, $5.3-million Kaloroma mansion with  the former president and Michelle Obama, long time best friends.
Jarrett played a vital - if at times low-key - role in the Obama presidency. She lived in the White House, dined with the Obamas, and help shape his domestic and foreign policies. 

An effort to unseat a sitting president by a former one strikes me as near-treasonous, but that wouldn't be new territory for Barack Hussein.