Debbie Downer Does Doverton

19 Doverton

19 Doverton

New listing at 19 Doverton, $8.8 million. It has the requisite gray colors and modern starkness to satisfy today's buyers, but will that be enough to set itself apart from its competition? Maybe not.

I'm impressed (well, maybe not impressed, but fascinated, at least) by the boldness of our spec builders who go where others already haven't feared to tread, and failed. What convinces them that they'll succeed where their competitors haven't? And not just competitors in other areas of town, but right on the same street, and around the corner: God bless them, they keep vultures like me in business.

For instance, there's One Doverton, a spec house that started off at $10.950 in 2015 and has now dropped to $8.750, and

 27 Doverton, which asked $8.750, just like Number One, but  is now at $6.950 million.

You don't like those, and want to build your own? Try the land available at 40 Doverton - $2.495, or 35, at $2.095. Next door, 20 acres are available at 18 Sabine Farm for $7.9.

The street's your oyster.