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Social warrior George ciccariello, drexel univesity

Social warrior George ciccariello, drexel univesity

The same Drexel University (75% acceptance rate) professor who in December called for a "white genocide" has now complained that a first class passenger who gave up his seat to a soldier "made me want to vomit". He didn't actually express these sentiments to the actual soldier, mind you - probably values his teeth - but did Twitter his like-minded friends; oh, so daring, so brave!

This is all standard fare for anyone observing modern academia, but I was struck by the description of what the professor's paid to teach: :

He specializes in 'colonialism, social movements, political theory, Latin America, and race and racism' according to an online biography. 

According to Wikipedia, 

The central aspect of Drexel University's focus on career preparation, in the form of its cooperative education program, was introduced in 1919. The program became integral to the university's unique educational experience.

I'm not exactly sure what sort of career Mr. Ciccolini's classes on "colonialism, social movements and race and racism" prepare his students for, but I suppose that once the Democrats regain control of the country, there'll be opportunities in the State and Justice departments. Lucky us.