The Left turns into preppers, but will pedal-powered expresso machines do the trick?

The end of whole foods as we know it

The end of whole foods as we know it

Now that Trump is in power and soon to bring on the apocalypse, trendies are stocking up on food and getting ready.

A member named Seth posted that he has canned over a gallon of carrots and has bought ten 3.5-gallon water storage containers, while another woman posted that she will use $500 worth of her tax return to buy gear.
Stacy, an Idaho-based woman who serves as a co-administrator of The Liberal Prepper group, became interested in prepping in the months leading up to Election Day. As a single mom of a kindergartner, she says she now worries about her son's education (especially with Betsy DeVos as education secretary) and the possibility of him learning hate rhetoric from some of Trump's followers.
"I don't know if there are going to be changes to the curriculum, school funding, like if they're not going to be able to hire quality people to teach our kids or if they would teach them propaganda," Stacy, who who declined to give her last name, tells BI.

We all share your concern about teachers spewing propaganda, Stacy, and also your worries about "qualified people" teaching our children: in New York, they're planning to eliminate literacy tests for teachers because too many (most, actually) black and hispanic applicants are failing, and Betsy DeVos can only make that situation worse by making it easier for parents and their children to escape from your NEA - sanctioned schools.. 

But here's a paragraph from the article that's reassuring for those of us who worry about untrained people running around with loaded firearms:

Unlike conservative preppers, liberals tend to focus more on skills and supplies that will provide comfort (e.g. in the form of stoves and blankets) rather than protection (e.g. firearms)

The image of poor Seth, huddled under a quilt, cradling his gallon of carrots while armed thugs break into his apartment to steal his food and rape him before slitting his throat is an unhappy one, of course, but still kind of fun to contemplate."But wait, wait! Don't you want to learn about the Progressive view of human nature and social cooperation?"