Mr. ali is no longer employed by taxpayers

Mr. ali is no longer employed by taxpayers

Head of EPA's "Environmental Justice" program for colored people, who sat idly by while black residents of Flint, Michigan drank poisoned water, quits while he's ahead.

Mustafa Ali, a former senior to the administrator responsible for directing the agency’s actions protecting minority communities, stepped down in a letter to EPA administrator Scott Pruitt. He also voiced concern the Pruitt plans on gutting the project.
Ali will become the senior vice president for the Hip Hop Caucus, a nonprofit group that promotes activism for young voters through music and culture.

Fortunately for the country, you can't, and don't have to, make this stuff up.

Mustafa spent 24 years sucking on the taxpayer's teat working this EPA program, and Pruitt's declared intention to abolish it is just another example of Trump's picking some good people to run the government.