It would seem that this college has already eliminated admission standards, so what's the beef?

I don't think so

I don't think so

Students at Western Kentucky State University demand free tuition and test-free admissions for blacks, illegal aliens and convicts as reparation for the abuse of all three groups.

The resolution also states that “standardized tests perpetuate and uphold white supremacy.”

While it's true that no one in the world has ever heard of Western Kentucky State University or its graduates and never will, the idiocy of these children is actually a smidgeon higher than those at Pomona College, a school that, several decades ago, did have a reputation as an initiation of learning, who two days ago demanded an end to the teaching of anything labeled "truth", because truth is a made-up concept designed to oppress and keep black people down.

All of this gives affirmative action and liberal arts a bad name.