Circling the wagons



Susan Rice, "Madam Benghazi", turns out to be the Obama crony who leaked the contents of NSA intercepts of the Trump transition team. Mike Cernovich broke the story last night, and it's now been confirmed by Bloomberg News and other outlets (I haven't checked, but I assume the NYT is still sitting on the story, which it's had since Friday). *

I turned to Business Insider for an early indication of how the liberal press will cover this and sure enough, they're pushing a "totally lawful, entirely acceptable" version of the story, with the obligatory claim that all this is an artless attempt to divert attention form the "real" [bogus] story of Trump's collusion with Putin and his pesky Russians. BI makes no mention, of course, of the real issue: Rice leaked what she (and doubtless her boss) had learned to the press and to fellow Democrat politicians, which is entirely against the law: a felony, in fact, punishable by a ten-year sentence.

Can the media cartel actually succeed in killing this revelation of corruption? I'm not sure it can, but it's doing its best - as Drudge would say, "developing". 

* UPDATE: That didn't take long: at 9:10 tonight, the Times came out with "Trump Tries to Deflect Russian Scrutiny Citing 'Crooked Scheme' by Obama". This from the paper that, in 2003, hired Columbia professor Mark Von Hagen to review its whitewashing of Stalin's starving 10 million Ukrainian Kulaks back in the 30s - Von Hagen concluded that the Times should give back the Pulitzer it received for that reporting, and the Times refused. So the tradition continues, albeit with a new twist: now the propagandists claim to be enemies of Russia. Same old, same old.