An honest judge is one who, once bribed, stays bribed

Bombs away!

Bombs away!

So presumably, the media will now accuse Trump of being dishonest. On Monday, he was a conniver who'd made a deal with Russia to be Putin's lackey, now, according to the AP (faithfully regurgitated by our own "newspaper", Greenwich Time), he's threatening world peace by confronting Russia, "spiraling into confrontation".

UPDATE: I misjudged the Left, and I apologize: Salon says that Trump proved he's Russia's puppet by warning them to clear out of the airbase 30 minutes before the missiles landed.

You just can't trust the man. You can, however, trust the woman who says she never spied on him, Susan Rice, who just this January assured the Amrican public that Syria has removed "100% of its chemical weapons", and isn't that a relief?

On a related note, isn't it also a relief not to have Obama's minions representing our interests at the UN?