Attention, you bashful commenters out there

Because of repeated complaints, we've added a link in the sidebar (right above "Latest Posts" that will direct you to a full explanation of how to comment anonymously.

Guests can comment without registration or reveal ANY identity at all, but there are restrictions on what happens when a person "guest comments":

1.  The comment MUST be approved by you before it is visible. You should receive a notification when a guest comments, because you have to approve it before it appears.

2.  Of course the guest will never be notified when someone (OR YOU) replies to their comment - obviously because they didn't register their email address.

3. A registered "member" can post anonymously. The difference between this and a guest is that the comment gets posted immediately and "anonymous" gets an email notification if someone replies. I realize that some people are not going to trust the system to post their comment anonymously when they are registered, or that somehow, you, as administrator will be able to know who posted anonymously. I get that. The world we live in!

Here is more info: