So why aren't these people down in Washington protesting outside the Obama mansion?

This protest is past its sell by date.

This protest is past its sell by date.

Illegal aliens employed by NYC bakery gather in front of Trump Tower to protest their imminent deportation. Joined by "hundreds" of the usual ragtag demonstrators, naturally.

Workers from a Queens bakery who were told they need to show proof of citizenship to keep their jobs are instead calling on President Trump to rethink his immigration policies.
The 31 employees of the famed Tom Cat Bakery were joined Saturday by hundreds of supporters outside Trump Tower in Midtown.
“We work hard, pay taxes and have built Tom Cat into a hugely successful company that helps make New York City’s economy strong,” said Ana Campos, an employee at the factory and a member of immigrant workers advocacy group Brandworkers. “We refuse to be discarded like stale bread.”

They (the Daily News and all the other Trump Derangement sufferers) changed the date of this investigation so place the blame, if any blame is to be assigned, to The Donald. But  a spokesman for Tom Cat Bakery told the Daily News last month the Homeland Security Department audit began under former President Barack Obama and that the bakery secured an extension in hopes workers could build a defense or get their papers in order.

So whose "immigration policies" are responsible for these criminals, albeit hard-working criminals, facing deportation?