New listings in Riverside and Old Greenwich

96 Club Road

96 Club Road

Brother Gid's brought 96 Club Road on the market at $7.5 million. That seems aggressive to me, but I'll admit that, from the pictures, it's considerably changed from when Kitchy Ward lived there back in the 60's (no, I have no idea where his name came from, or why his parents let us address him as such), when it was old, tired, and sheathed in asbestos shingles. Perhaps my memory of its condition then colors my assessment now. 

Gideon calls it "The Commodore's House" in the listing - I'd thought that was "Commode", so it shows you how uninformed I am. 

Certainly a great location.

5 Meadow.jpg

And Joe Barbeiri has just listed 5 Meadow Place, Old Greenwich, at $7.195 million. It's listed as both land and residence, but it's the land that's valuable (the town appraises it at $9,386,000, which seems grossly unfair), not the modest house perched atop it.

Joe claims it's the first time on the market in 75 years, which may be technically accurate, but the current owner bought it in 1991 - perhaps he bought direct. As I recall, the Remmers owned it in the 60s, and Mr. Remmer used to hunt ducks from here: to visit during the season meant you'd encounter (dead) ducks hanging on the porch, aging. The Remmers moved long ago, so at least one sale's been done since then.

Update: I may be all wrong about ownership - see comments on history of this house. As I said in my reply to the commenter, Joe's usually right about everything, so I'll go with my being wrong.