I'll admit to a dyspeptic mood this afternoon, but can we please cut to reality?

591 Indian Field

591 Indian Field

Foreclosure complete after years of legal maneuverings, 591 Indian Field Road, Mead Point, is back on the market, priced at $3.475 million. That's not gonna happen.

This is an obsolete structure of no value beyond the land it sits on, which was peddled for years and years, starting at $8.9 million back in 2008. The former owners paid $1.560 for it back in 1996, and how they convinced banks to lend more than that in the ensuing years is a testimony to the fraud and chicanery of the era. 

The last gasp price, just before foreclosure went final, was $2.995 million in 2015, and it didn't sell even then. Nothing has changed since: the value is the 0.9 acre of land in a 2-acre zone, period. 

And that's nowhere close to $3.475.