Conyers Farm, again

88 Conyers Farm

88 Conyers Farm

After expiring unsold last month, 88 Conyers Farm Drive is back again, new broker, now asking $8.495 million.

I've had plenty of time to write about this house, and I've taken advantage of it, since it first hit the market in 2008, with an Ogilvy price of $19 million. Since then, the owners have put it through a slew of the top agents in town: BK Bates (who foolishly kept it at $19, until nearing the end of her listing), Joe Barbieri, who dropped it, back to Ogilvy in 2013 (?!!), Lyn Stevens, and now, Leslie McElwreath. 

This house has always been a problem child: superb construction, but all that work and money was lavished on a preposterous design. Bad design in a declining neighborhood: not a combination to be recommended.

Just as an aside, how the hell do you overprice a house by over twice its value?