And the Gray Lady slips further into her senescence

NYT film critic complains that there are no Asians in the remake of Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express". 

It's not at all surprising that a Times reporter wouldn't understand that trains don't have any race; after all, the editors themselves don't (probably think they have a gender, too), and who can demand that any of those reporters actually read a book, but surely this idiot could have at least Googled "Orient Express" before setting tongue to keyboard. The train was a famous one, running between Paris and Constantinople, and went nowhere near what this imbecilic, ignorant girl might consider "Asia". 

The author of the linked-to blog post discussing this pc cretin reminds us:

Back in 2001, during the very early days of Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds advised pioneering bloggers, “Any time you start to doubt yourself, and wonder if you’re fit for the big leagues of American thought and opinion, you can just read The Times and be thankful that the standards of the big leagues aren’t so high.”

I read that back then, took heart, and started my own blog a year later, in 2002. Thanks, Glenn, for the inspiration and thank you, Pinch, for 15 years of reinforcing my confidence .