I must be the only one to see value here

14 Tyler Lane

14 Tyler Lane


14 Tyler Lane, in Riverside, has been kicking around for a year now, after starting off at $1.750 million and slowly dropping, as of today, to $1.5. This 3-bedroom, 1993 construction will certainly win no awards for quality of finish or beautiful landscaping, but it's decent shelter, on a half-acre, in an incredibly convenient location on a street that's seen some very expensive sales.

But I've touted its virtues over the past year (no, I have absolutely no personal or financial stake here) and so far, no one's agreed. At some point, though, a buyer in this general price range may want to take another look.

Brother Gid and I discussed this house this morning and while we disagree on its current price as a good deal for an end user (though I did imply in my posting that some negotiation was in order), we  are in accord that it works as an investment vehicle: using its last rental at $6,000.00, Gideon calculates a theoretical return of 5.5% on, say, a purchase price of $1.3 That's top of the head, without looking at taxes, depreciation benefits, etc., and your numbers and investment targets may differ, but as I said in the original post. this might be worth looking at.