CT's DMV - a complete and utter failure


Lines at our Department of Motor Vehicles now average over 3 hours, and that's if you're lucky. The state, which last year blamed the wait on an incompetently designed and implemented computer system, now says "hey that's the way it is: suck it up". Readers and clients of mine who have moved here from out of state all say that CT's DMV is the worst they've ever encountered, by far, and that includes California and New York, which both have far more drivers and cars to deal with.

I have also experienced other states' systems, and I agree: Connecticut DMV employees are absolutely the laziest, rudest, arrogant and incompetent public servants I've ever encountered, and why not? They can't be fired, they get raises every year regardless of performance, and they know full well there's nothing you can do about it. 

Anyone who had the good luck to use the AAA offices for the limited number of DMV functions they were allowed to offer knows the difference between private sector workers and state retards. Our governor and his cronies shut those offices down here in our area, because, despite their excuses otherwise, they knew that AAA was demonstrating how an efficient system could work.

Malloy claims he's looking for ways to reduce the deficit? Shut down the DMV and turn the job over to private firms, and let them compete for customers on the basis of cost and customer service.