New Riverside listing

20 Carriglea, $6.995 million. Certainly a nice house, but it sold new in 2015 for $6.4, and I don't see that it's appreciated $595,000 in two years: if anything, houses depreciate. Carriglea's a decent street, but it's just far enough down Indian Head to push it past walking distance to anywhere, so there's that, and this one has, if not a postage stamp of a yard, then a small one. 

I understand that a seller wants to add a fudge factor into his price, to make room for a bit of negotiation, but $600,000 is a lot of fudge. 

I'd give it six months, then toss an offer at it at, say, 90% of that $6.4 price. I doubt you'll get it at that, but buyers need negotiating room too.