We're reaching new levels of barbarity

(The customary picture is omitted, because even I can't think of a clever way to illustrate this story)

British doctors push to legalize abortion "up to delivery" for any reason.

Up to 500 GPs and hospital doctors will debate decriminalisation during a major conference at the end of the month. It could lead to a call for women to be allowed to terminate their pregnancy right up until the due date – and for any reason.
The controversial vote will take place at the British Medical Association’s annual meeting, which begins in Bournemouth this weekend. The fact the issue is being debated at length by such a powerful organisation reflects a shift in opinion among medical professionals and the general public.
Last year the Royal College of Midwives launched a campaign to decriminalise abortions to give women more choice and control over their bodies.
In March the issue was debated in Parliament during a private member’s bill put forward by a Labour MP. The majority of MPs voted in favour of decriminalisation but the bill did not reach the next stage because Parliament was dissolved for the election.

This is admittedly the perfectly logical conclusion to the argument that a fetus has no independent right to life unless and until it leaves the womb, but not so long ago, most people would have been horrified at the idea of ripping out that fetus and killing it the day before his birth. That doctors are now advocating it is way beyond sad - it should be terrifying. Western civilization's collapse is accelerating even faster than this pessimist had thought possible.