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To fight again

To fight again

Our lesser generation disdains the white males who stopped Hitler. New movie about Dunkirk is dismissed by SJWs as irrelevant and racist for not including women, blacks and transgenders. I'm not sure how many of these cretins are actually are out there—I hope very few—but colleges and the media bow to them regardless.

how much i love you @thmyscira
Dunkirk trailer: plays
Me: stop showing these unimportant white men, where's harry the only man who matters
10:38 PM - 1 Jun 2017

Dunkirk or: let’s put all the attractive, white, British males in one movie

— Yasmin Salahuddin (@iamfindingmeeno) May 9, 2017

What comes to mind when I see the trailer for Dunkirk? A boring war movie with a bunch of white dudes. #nothanks— Steph | Runs Trails (@stephrunstrails) June 5, 2017

I assume the guys bitching about a female-directed female-driven film will be first in line for Dunkirk, a movie starring only white guys.

— Mike Eisenberg (@Eisentower30) June 4, 2017

While it's possible that this last commenter, Mike Eisenberg, is Nubian, it's more likely that he's Jewish, and has at least one relative, even if a distant one, who suffered under Hitler. To dismiss the "white guys" —boys mostly—who died, had their limbs shot off and their guts ripped out, all to stop that madman, seems ungrateful, at the very least.