My guess is that CT will follow New Jersey's example

Ignoring the first rule of holes

Ignoring the first rule of holes

New Jersey set to move radically left after Christie.

Here's the front runner Phil Murphy's platform:

His ideas to grow the economy: Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, mandate that 100% of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2050, and legalize recreational marijuana. He also wants to revive the millionaire’s tax and the state estate tax that is now being phased out. He has endorsed single-payer health care.
Mr. Murphy’s signature proposal, however, is to establish a new publicly owned bank to keep state revenues and “invest in New Jersey’s main streets.” He says the bank would provide a revenue stream for the state, stimulate small-business lending, and reduce political corruption.
His Democratic opponents mainly are attacking the front-runner from the left. An ad from the Johnson campaign says that “as a Goldman Sachs president, Phil Murphy made his fortune in a rigged system” and “now the Jersey machine has lined up with Murphy and his millions.” 

You'd think that everyone would be sick and tired of Goldman Sachs retreads by now, but apparently not, despite the examples of New Jersey's corrupt Jon Corzine and, of course, Greenwich's own Village Idiot, Jim Himes. Some people never learn.