Round 'em up and deport, incarcerate or, failing all else, just shoot them

suicidal citizens

suicidal citizens

Muslim terrorist in van plows into pedestrians on London Bridge, killing and wounding scores.

Britain's M5 excused its failure to watch the Manchester bomber, despite alarms sounded by his mosque and acquaintances, because there are at least 3,000 suspected terrorists loose on the island, and it can only monitor a few hundred.

I was impressed by the speed with which the intelligence service rounded up and arrested 15 members of the Manchester gang, until it was revealed that M5 knew who they were and where they were all along; they just hadn't been keeping an eye on them.

UPDATE: Shootings, stabbings across London. The federal judges who have blocked Trump's "extreme vetting" order are in hiding and unavailable for comment.

UPDATE II : When I originally posted this last evening, the link sent readers to a news report that said only that a van had slammed into pedestrians on London Bridge. I called it a Muslim terrorist attack, with full confidence that the main stream media would eventually reach the same conclusion, which, as the first update here showed, it did. The link now goes to an updated article.