Ah, technology!

Yesterday, acting like the idiot I am, I downloaded a system upgrade from Apple: I know better than to ever fix what isn't broken, but I had 10 minutes to kill before a client meeting, the download had been ready (and ignored) for a while, so what the heck ...

Of course it completely killed my phone, and I spent most of the day trying to restore and then completely rebuild the software, all to no avail. Today I get to spend even more time at the Apple store, where I'm sure, eventually, they'll get it fixed. Sheesh. So, like yesterday, blogging will be light.

I the meantime, I found this brief story from Powerlineblog
, to say the least. We have so many traitors in our midst.

Last week the New York Times blew the cover of the CIA officer running operations against Iran. Consistent with the Times’s casual malice toward American national security, it did so for absolutely no bona fide public purpose. We noted the Times story by Matthew Rosenberg and Adam Goldman last week in “With a little help, the Times strikes again.”
Today in Times treachery we have “Aid coordinator in Yemen had secret job overseeing U.S. commando shipments” by Adam Goldman and Eric Schmitt. With a little help from “six former and current United States officials,” Goldman and Schmitt expose NGOs and Special Operators as well as another named individual. A reader comments regarding the Times reporters: “They seem intent on damaging directly the very difficult and dangerous means and methods employed against the worst of the worst in this counterterror war.”
Who are the “former and current government officials”? Goldman and Schmitt helpfully add, as usual, that they spoke to the Times “only on the condition of anonymity because the details are highly classified.” As always, thanks for clearing that up.