It's not particularly surprising that Christie is the least popular (15% approval) of all Governors in America

In the name of God, and Ocean Beach, go

In the name of God, and Ocean Beach, go

Two states shut down their respective governments today: Maine and New Jersey. In Maine, Governor LePage (whose wife works as a waitress) made sure to keep state parks and beaches open for the holiday, while Christie made sure that they aren't. As the man who threw his constituents into traffic chaos just to score a petty political point with a local mayor who opposed him, it's no surprise that Christie is hurting thousands of small businesses and their employees by depriving them of revenue on what's probably the biggest weekend of the tourist year, but really: for a (seemingly) once-promising, likable politician, the Governor has revealed himself for what he is. 

Too late to impeach him, I suppose; he's term-limited, and will soon be gone, which should give all residents of the Garden State, conservative and liberal, a great feeling of relief.

In the meantime, Christie and his family will be enjoying the weekend at the beach.

One family gained from New Jersey’s government shutdown on Saturday — Gov. Chris Christie’s wife, their kids and their friends had one of the East Coast’s most beautiful beaches all to themselves.
The Garden State’s first family was set for an exclusive holiday at the official gubernatorial shore home at Island Beach State Park in Berkeley as police turned away everyone else.
Sound unfair? Deal with it, Christie told reporters.
“The governor has a residence at Island Beach,” he said. “Others don’t. That’s the way it goes. Run for governor and you can have the residence.”