It takes a village idiot

Eight cars stolen in town, all unlocked and with keys left in them. [Updated to a newer article in GT]

I get the unlocked part: I never locked my car in Riverside, but I also never left my cellphone or other valuables in it, either (though I might have been excused for the latter: "who steals my purse, steals trash").  My latest car (pickup, actually) has one of those keyless fobs that automatically locks the vehicle when I walk away, which is probably a good thing, and as that technology spreads, this problem may solve itself. But leaving the key in the car? Who does that? Tommy Hilfiger does: one of his cars was stolen from his driveway, but he can afford it.

Still: stupid.

( I do have sympathy for these people, though: My own Irish great-grandfather was the Village Idiot back in the old sod, but was fired for incompetence.)