So buy a song

Friggin' bastids

Friggin' bastids

Daughter Kate, out in Oregon, had the misfortune to park outside a friend's house a few days ago when a group of bored teenagers descended on her Subaru and put a cinderblock through the rear window and slashed three of her tires. 

Being Kate, she wrote a song about the incident ("I have no control over what a bunch of fuck-ass kids are gonna do" is one of the lyrics) and is selling it, at a suggested price of $0.99, to help with repairs. 

Like everything Kat does, it's very good.


UPDATE: Kat informs me that the phrase is "punk-ass kids" not "fuck-ass". As her father, I reserve the right to edit her work as I mis-hear it.

(I also posted on her Facebook page, "Have gun, will travel", but I'm afraid that she and her contemporaries will miss the reference)