(The latest model of) women really are the weaker sex: in fact, they're pathetic



Pennsylvania college with a 60/40 female-to-male ratio seeks to hire a feminist director of operations.

The new "Director of Cross Cultural Centers" will be tasked with managing the school’s Women’s Center. The director will be asked to “implement programs and initiatives on gender equity and social justice that incorporate feminist theories and best practices,” which include “identity development, social justice, and women's leadership.”
Because social justice is intrinsic to the center’s mission, the director will also work alongside professors to “increase students’ understanding of feminist theories and knowledge” so that students are motivated to engage in “social justice action.”
These theories include ones such as “rape culture,” which posits that rape is so pervasive at colleges that one in five women will be victims of sexual assault, and “masculinity,” a feminist theory about how men are conditioned to adhere to "toxic" social role

While feminist theory revolves around the notion that women are oppressed in society, it seems that they are alright at the University of Scranton, where women comprise almost 60% of the student body.

This gender imbalance is not unique to Scranton. Across America, women increasingly outnumber men on college campuses. Women graduate at higher rates, too. Considering this, perhaps the University of Scranton might benefit from a Men’s Center.

The only answer, clearly, is to bring back women's colleges, where the poor, fragile little flowers can develop their intellect free from loud, insensitive boys.

My own daughters are made of sterner stuff, but the country seems to have developed a surplusage of young girls who can't stand up to the opposite sex, even when they outnumber them, so segregated education, beginning in kindergarten, is probably the best way to accommodate them. 

Or hire another administrator to cater to and encourage their fears — college tuition hikes have exceeded inflation by something like 7X the past few decades, and most of that is attributable to the swelling corp of administrators. No reason not to add one more.