Thee different agents, 4 price adjustments, still unsold

6 Meadow Dive, in Rock Ridge, has cut its price again, to $2.990: it started at $3.6 million in October, 2015.

It's a lovely 1900 former carriage house; renovated, of course, on 2 acres in one of the best neighborhoods in what I insist on calling, however inaccurately, "central Greenwich". In fact, it should have found a buyer long ago, I'd have thought, but since it hasn't, I can only conclude that it hasn't been priced right all this time (one former agent's decision to raise the price back to $3.6 after it failed to sell at $3.4 probably probably didn't help).

I hope for the owners' sake that this latest cut will do the trick: it's a nice house.

As an aside, check out the interior shots of this property: David Ogilvy continues to do a magnificent job with his listings' photography.

The orange, yes, but where's the zebra?

The orange, yes, but where's the zebra?