I find this discouraging, even disturbing

"And I can make miss venezuela champion of the universe!" Meeee, meeeeee!

"And I can make miss venezuela champion of the universe!" Meeee, meeeeee!

Trump gives Maduro new life by threatening military action in Venezuela.

The link above is to Rick Moran's post at PJ Media, a hotbed of pro-Trump sympathasizers; until now. 

Even for a confirmed Trumpian, the president's statement yesterday that "A military operation and military option is certainly something that we could pursue" in Venezuela is perplexing.
No reporter goaded him into making the statement. One moment he was talking about the humanitarian tragedy in Venezuela and the next, he casually volunteered the information that the military option was not off the table.
A military option to do what? The Pentagon doesn't know, either. Venezuela is not a threat to the security of the United States. Their military can't even keep peace in the streets.
The Department of Defense is pushing back on President Trump’s assertion that he is refusing to rule out a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela.
“The Pentagon has not received any orders with regards to Venezuela," Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said, according to CNN. "The military conducts contingency planning for a variety of situations. If called upon, we are prepared to support ... government efforts to protect our national interests and safeguard US citizens.”
“Any insinuations by the Maduro regime that we are planning an invasion are baseless and are designed to distract from his continued efforts to undermine the democratic process and institutions in Venezuela."
When a paranoid loon like Nicolas Maduro tells his people for years that the U.S. is readying an invasion and then the U.S. president pulls a "military option" out of the blue, Trump makes Maduro look like a soothsayer. Needless to say, the Venezuelan leader who was in dire straits just got a shot in the arm from the U.S. president.

I've been giving the man the benefit of the doubt, ascribing his most off-the-wall comments to a "crazy like a fox" strategy. The outburst on Venezuela makes me wonder—too late, maybe—whether there's any substance in that brain pan at all.