And the owner/seller side of the market shows its irrational side once again

45 Hillside Drive, for sale since 2013, has cut its price to $3.575 million. Whatever. Nice house, good mid-country location, but it's currently listed with the same agent who came up with the wildly absurd valuation of $4.595 four years ago. The owner has gone through three agents since then, each of whom has seemed to purchase the listing with equally-delusional prices, and has now gone back to the lady who placed her in this mess to begin with. The house was purchased new for $3 million in 2002 and has basically had nothing done to it since, so where did this $1.595 of added value come from, except from the febrile mind of the owner and her agent? And, assuming the owner has been waiting to move since 2013, how far from Hillside has her couch been shifted by these unicorn pricing stratagems?

I'm not plugging my own services here — I get it— truth hurts, and who wants to be hurt? But if your house refuses to sell, then believe me, switching agents while sticking to a stupid price isn't going to do the trick, regardless of how much Photoshopping or "international marketing" is promised.

It is, always, about pricing. This latest price may prove the trick, but if I were the owner, I'd be pissed that I'd been lied to for so long.