Seems like a bargain to me

4 Interlaken.jpg

4 Interlaken Road has sold for $1.4 million. The owners paid $2.225 for it in 2005, and I remember liking the place back then, Merritt exposure and all: it overlooks the golf course, and had been renovated into a airy, light-filled home. I haven't been back since then, despite the owners' on-and-off attempts to sell it since 2009 (they rented it out when each sale effort failed) but unless it's seriously deteriorated in the past 12 years, it should remain a good house.

Especially at $1.4. Another Burt Hoffman case, but he seemed to have lost his touch on this one: less than a year's delay, compared to a former track record of 4-5 years. That's attributable, possibly, to Hoffman's distraction over own woes with civil and criminal authorities.