More on FAR regs

This is the child you've entrusted your millions to

This is the child you've entrusted your millions to

Greenwich Free Press, to whom accolades are due for sitting through the entire 6-hour P&Z hearing, reports that your government has once again tightened FAR restrictions on what you can do with your property and thus, once again, taken another slice of your property's value.

I believe the reporter has misunderstood the current rule on rendering attics unusable, but I confess that the rules are so confusing that either of us could be right, or even both of us wrong. What is true is that we can expect to see a new crop of flat-topped roofs in Greenwich, and worse.

I keep repeating here: financially sophisticated residents of one of the wealthiest towns in the world are sitting aside, idly watching while a small group of non-elected, resentful town employees are ripping away millions and millions of dollars of property values. Town Planner Katie Blankley-DeLuca and Conservation Manager Denise Savageu, both salaried employees, are on record as favoring the elimination of all waterfront properties, and DeLuca's war against houses she deems "too big" has been ongoing since she was an assistant at the P&Z.

It may be fun to stymie your neighbor's attempt to make a buck on his house but, sooner or later, you too will want to sell, and you may be bitterly disappointed to discover that these town employees have confiscated much of the value of your home.

All of this could be addressed by the RTM, but it refuses to act. We get what we don't pay for.