I sent this story to my girls, because they'll recognize it as something I so would have done

Professor from Houston, stranded in NYC after accompanying his daughter to her new campus, shows up in her class and stays, embarrassing her horribly.

Fathers are all the same. I once offered to wear a paper bag over my head with "I am not their father" written in magic marker when escorting them in public: they were tempted, but never accepted the offer, even when I slammed the side of a car that almost ran them down in the crosswalk across from the Apple Store—they came close to demanding a bag that day, I assure you.

Daughter's text, "Mommy, come get him": priceless.

  • Kerubo Anassi's parents came with her to New York City to help her settle in before starting a graduate program at The New School
  • Enock Anassi and his wife's flight home was delayed indefinitely so they've been staying in a hotel in the city
  • Enock is a professor himself, so he decided to attend Kerubo's first class with her
  • He proudly texted a selfie to the family a selfie of him sitting in the classroom after he got a syllabus
  • Kerubo was mortified as her dad introduced himself to the class and quizzed her on the information
The dad proudly texted the entire family a selfie of him sitting in the classroom.
He introduced himself to the entire class, got a syllabus and periodically quizzed Kerubo on the information. 
'Kerubo told me to get out,' he said, 'but the teacher said: "he can stay."'
'The teacher loved me because I was very attentive,' he said.
Kerubo was absolutely mortified. Their dad was taking photos 'audibly' throughout class, 'never turning his phone on silent,' Omete said.
Enock even assigned his daughter extra homework afterward.
Omete was cracking up while listening to his sister's misfortunes, so he shared it on Twitter. The story has now gone viral. 
'We tried to explain to my father that he went viral but he had no idea what that means,' Omete said, laughing. 

The president of the New school, if not Kerubo, was glad to have him

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