Even for a Democrat, you wouldn't expect our selectman to be arrested for shoplifting

Oops! Drew Marzullo arrested for trying to steal $486 of sneakers and $184 in underwear.

Democrats usually prefer the less-direct method of taxation, but I suppose exigencies rule.

GREENWICH — Greenwich Selectman Drew Marzullo is facing a misdemeanor charge of larceny in connection with an alleged theft from a shopping mall in Clinton.
Clinton town police Sgt. Jeremiah Dunn said Marzullo, 46, of East Putnam Avenue, was arrested following an alleged shoplifting incident at the Clinton Crossing Premium Outlet stores on Aug. 26.
“I can confirm that Andrew Joseph Marzullo was arrested for larceny in the fifth-degree,” the sergeant said Thursday evening.
Dunn said the theft involved $486 in merchandise from a Skechers store, and $184 in merchandise from J. Crew. The police sergeant, reviewing the arrest report, said town police were called by mall security.

Probably won't help his chances if he continues to run for the legislature, but then again, his fellow Dems may just consider this proof of his qualification for higher office.*

Reached for comment, Democrat candidate for First Selectman Sandy Litvack was ambivalent: "Certainly there's a larcenous streak in all of us," he told FWIW, "so what Democrat can't understand Drew's giving in to an impulse, but really, Sketchers? J. Crew? This is Greenwich, for Christ's sake: at least he could have tried Betteridge's, or Richards, or even Fjord Fisheries, for that matter, although that's on a lower scale. I'm a little embarrassed, to tell the truth."

Update. This just in: prominent Democrat calls for Marzullo to drop out of race for Selectman, and Chris von Keyserling to step forward instead. "There's the party difference, of course", Sarah Darra Darra Littman said to FWIW when reached for comment, "and under town charter rules, he'd have to switch parties, but over a bit of pillow talk last night, he seemed open to the idea."

"Well gosh, Politics  does  make strange bedfellows!"

"Well gosh, Politics does make strange bedfellows!"

* Marzullo was arrested August 26 — on September 10th, U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, as well as U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, voiced their support for our petty thief.

"I wish he'd told us he had money problems", Democrat Howard Richman, said in an early morning call to FWIW today, "because we could have run him for tax collector, instead of me. I don't really need the cash, and if I do run short, well, as Sandy pointed out, there's always Richards."